About Us

Who we are

TalkItOver Counselling Services is a premier organisation for professional counselling in India. Our team of qualified counsellors & psychologists are passionate about enhancing the well-being of people through counselling. Our goal is to create awareness about the benefits of counselling and give you access to quality counselling services to help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Our model allows counsellors the flexibility to practice in professional settings of their choice thus enabling us to offer counselling at affordable rates and in multiple locations for your convenience.

When you meet a TalkItOver counsellor, you are assured that your counsellor is professionally trained and follows processes, best practices and ethical guidelines to ensure your highest well-being.

  • We have served over 10,000 individuals & couples since 2010.
  • Our website has over 100 articles written by Indian counsellors & psychologists.
  • We have India’s most qualified & competent counsellors in our team.
  • We are the only Indian counselling organisation that follows instant online booking of appointments.
  • We offer a platform for collaboration & professional development to counsellors across the country.
  • We offer services in: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Mangalore, Vadodara and Coimbatore.

Our Team

Our team of counsellors have different backgrounds – some have prior experience in fields as diverse as HR, Marketing, Journalism, Training, Law, IT, Coaching and Social Work. What is common to this team is their professional competence in counselling and psychology, passion to make a difference and the quality standards of TalkItOver that each is committed to follow.

All TalkItOver counsellors come with a minimum of a Masters in counselling psychology, clinical psychology or a BSIC certification. TalkItOver attracts the best counsellors in the country, many having Ph.D’s and several years of counselling experience.

Our Values

  • Professionalism: Demonstrated in following the Code of Ethics for professional counsellors including client welfare, supervision of one’s work, continuously developing one’s competence and confidentiality among others.
  • Compassion: Demonstrated in interacting with genuineness, kindness, acceptance and warmth with all people.
  • Community interest: Demonstrated in considering the greater good in all decisions of the organization and taking steps to help individuals and communities thrive and flourish

Our Story

Every organisation has a story. While the TalkItOver story is still being written, it’s worth knowing how we started. TalkItOver is founded by trained and qualified counsellors, who share a common dream to promote well being and growth through counselling in India.

This dream was fuelled by the lack of awareness about counselling in India. Many people believe that you visit a counsellor only during a crisis or when you have a problem that you cannot resolve yourself. At such times, they expect that counselling will give them a quick solution. In reality, counselling is the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings to find your own answers, based on your unique life situation.

Most people do not have this perception. Thus there was an urgent need to create awareness about what counselling is and how it works. TalkItOver was launched in December 2010 to create the awareness that counselling is an avenue for growth and well being for all people.

Apart from a lack of awareness, there also seemed to be a lack of visibility among counsellors. People who wanted to meet a counsellor found it difficult to access one. There seemed to be a bridge that was missing between counsellors and people seeking counselling.

TalkItOver aims to be that bridge.

Since 2010, our team has counselled thousands of clients and written hundreds of articles in the Indian context, available for free on the TalkItOver website.

Our Vision

We envision TalkItOver to become a movement for counselling in India. We hope through our message and our services, we can help people realise that counselling is one of the paths to self awareness, growth and greater fulfillment in any area of our lives.

We also hope to become a hub for counsellors who can learn and grow professionally, demonstrating the power of collaboration and social entrepreneurship.