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As a professional counsellor or psychologist, it is important to be in regular supervision as a way to take care of our clients and ourselves as professionals. This leads to better practice and professional growth. Meeting a supervisor on an on-going basis is also an ethical guideline for professional counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists.

Supervision is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in both therapy and supervision. In some settings supervision may also incorporate elements of training and assessment. Whatever the chosen format, the supervisory relationship is at the heart of effective supervision (Millar 2007; Stafford 2008).

The supervisor’s goal is “to do whatever seems most likely to send the other person away more aware, more informed, skilled and encouraged than she was when she came in.” (Houston 1990, p12).

TalkItOver offers supervision services as a developmental process to counsellors and psychologists. The primary functions of our supervision services are to:

  • To protect clients
  • To improve the ability of professional counsellors to provide value to their clients
  • To monitor the self-care of the counsellors

This service is exclusively for practicing counsellors and psychologists. If you are a counsellor or psychologist, and you are currently seeing clients then you can avail our supervision services. Supervisors at TalkItOver have several years of experience in both counselling and supervision and offer either face to face sessions or telephone sessions.

When you choose supervision services, remember the following:

  • Upon making a booking with your preferred supervisor, you will receive an email with the confirmation details of your appointment including your supervisor’s phone number
  • After your first session, all subsequent session appointments will be given directly by your supervisor
  • If you choose telephone sessions, you need to call your supervisor at the scheduled time. Each session will be for one hour. If you call late, you will lose time. Your supervisor will end the session at the scheduled time even if you are late as they may have other clients scheduled next
  • The minimum number of sessions for telephone supervision is 3 sessions. To make the transaction hassle free, we collect payment upfront for 3 sessions
  • The payment instructions for subsequent batches will be communicated by your supervisor
  • Ensure you are in a noise free environment to enhance the effectiveness of the sessions
  • If you want to reschedule your appointment please inform your supervisor at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t call during the scheduled time then you lose the slot. There will be no refund for cancellations, no shows and rescheduling at the last minute

Get supervision today by booking an appointment with an experienced supervisor.

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