Family Counselling

As a family, discuss issues that the family is facing as a whole or difficulties of an individual member with a counsellor over weekly sessions of 60-90 mins each.

What does Family Counselling involve?

  • Each family member’s view of the situation and their needs are discussed. Unhelpful and helpful patterns of interaction are identified. The counsellor helps the family work towards common goals.
  • The family is a system of which each individual member is a part of. Therefore an individual’s behaviour is influenced by how the family functions. The counsellor helps family members communicate with one other effectively, develop skills to resolve issues faced and enhance their relationships with each other.

Benefits of Family Counselling

  • Research findings support the effectiveness of family counselling.
  • Since the family is a system, change is best facilitated by working with the family as a whole. Neither the individual nor the family is blamed for any problem. Families are helped to recognize systemic factors that contribute to a particular problem. They can then participate in finding solutions.

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