About Counselling

Counselling is a process in which the relationship formed between you and your counsellor helps you develop more awareness and understanding of yourself. Any process takes time. Initially, much of the counsellor’s time is used to understand your story and look at things from your perspective.

Throughout the counselling process, the counsellor tries to avoid giving suggestions or advice. Instead, your counsellor’s job is to act like a mirror and reflect back to you your behaviour, thoughts and feelings in a way that helps you understand them more clearly and sometimes from a different perspective. What you choose to do with this understanding is completely left up to you. The counsellor provides you with a safe environment to open up and explore your self without the fear of being judged.

In many ways, this gradual process produces longer lasting results than any advice or solution-giving because you learn to look at your problems from a different perspective and learn the skills to solve them on your own. Such learning comes in handy while dealing with your past, present or future problems.

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