Make work a safe place: Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Making work a safe place and creating a culture of respect is the responsibility of every employee. Often employees are not aware about appropriate and inappropriate behaviours that constitute harassment. Managers are not equipped to spot inappropriate behaviours in the team or handle a harassment complaint effectively. Worse, many companies still do not have a policy and an ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) against sexual harassment, as mandated by the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 2013 and Vishaka Guidelines. This could lead to many problems such as a hostile work environment, employees not feeling safe, bullying, decreased morale and increased employee turnover.

It is important that all employees, managers and ICC go through quality training in the area of POSH.

TalkItOver offers customised training and consultation services to help you prevent sexual harassment and create a culture of respect in your workplace.

Why TalkItOver?

  • We are one of the leading providers of end to end POSH services in the Indian Industry, having served over 50 clients and trained thousands of employees, managers & committee members
  • We have the expertise and experience in handling complaints, being part of enquiry committees and investigation meetings
  • Our team has qualifications in law, child rights, HR, counselling and psychology
  • We are the third party member in the ICC at many companies
  • We understand that harassment is multi-layered and needs a multi-disciplinary approach
  • We offer POSH services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Kolkata. (and travel to other locations PAN India)

What are the legal duties of an organisation?

  • Have a robust policy against sexual harassment
  • Have an Internal Complaints Committee to address sexual harassment complaints, with one external member from a third party organisation
  • Strengthen diversity and zero tolerance to harassment and discrimination by regular training and awareness sessions
  • A strong message about zero tolerance to harassment from the top management



Dear Lavanya & Monisha – your engagement with the crowd was highly effective. We have received excellent feedback from all the employees. Few highlights of the session are:

  • Beautiful usage of some words that people hesitate to use, in order to set the context right
  • Reading the audience minds through their expressions to the topic and addressing their questions made them feel understood
  • Awareness on what can or can not lead to harassment
  • The exercise on “Myths v/s Reality” was very good

We look forward to more sessions with TalkItOver!

Sampada Gupta, Human Resources,
Incture Technologies

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