Self-improvement has never been this much fun!

It is an amazing experience to talk to the Counsellor. Most of the time, during the counselling session I am not even aware that she is sitting there in front of me. It just feels as if I’m having a discussion with myself in my head. One of the most wonderful things about these discussions is the way the conversation goes. The Counsellor is like Robin Hood. Her questions are aimed right at the spot again and again. Answering all these questions and having the discussions feel very relieving. It feels just like the time when you start scratching yourself after having an itch for some time.

Knowing that there is someone like the Counsellor in my life, with whom I can discuss my problems so well, has a very uplifting effect on me throughout my week. I have a lot of problems in my life. On many occasions I encounter a problem that weighs me down or takes a toll on me mentally/emotionally. When this happens now, I just write it down so that I can discuss it with the Counsellor. This itself removes that problem from my mind and I can get back to my work (because I know my powerful ally will help me overcome them).

Self-improvement has never been this much fun. The Counsellor gives me very simple exercises to do some of which are very remarkable (one ex is asking a particular question to myself when certain situations occur (socially). Doing this has an amazing effect on the way I perceive the situation). One minute I am in pain and the next minute the pain is gone. This kind of realizing that happens is an amazing experience.

I am grateful to TalkItOver for giving us this foundation for meeting counsellors, to you Jose for assigning me the Counsellor and most of all to my Counsellor for her constant support which gives me much strength in my life.

– Anonymous