Life Coaching for Personal Effectiveness

Ajay’s Problems at Work and Home 

Ajay felt like he lost complete control of his life. At work nothing seemed to go right and this affected his personal life as well. He felt un-appreciated and helpless. His relationships at home too were spiraling down hill. He felt he was under too much pressure at work and was also hardly contributing effectively in meetings. His manager was upset and his colleagues seemed to move way ahead of him. It was long since he heard a word of appreciation from anybody at work or at home. He was unable to communicate things clearly and was not able to say “no” to anybody. His time management became poor and he could not keep up with most commitments at work or at home. He came late to work and stayed late. He invariably reached home late every day. His wife and kids were upset most of the time and seemed to give up on him. His eating habits and health was also taking a toll. Ajay was sure that he needed to do something about it quickly. He wanted more joy out of work and life and to feel more in control. He was looking for clarity in being personally more effective but was not sure where to start and it all of this was very daunting.

How Life Coaching Helped Ajay

He was then told by a friend about how a life coach can help him bring changes in his life. Ajay saw this as a ray of hope to sort out the mess he found himself in. He booked an appointment with a life coach and together they worked on his time wasters, stress creators, his goals at work and home, time management, how to say “no” and create healthy lifestyle changes. They were small realistic goals that gave Ajay the successes he was looking for and motivated him to do more. He gradually became a more relaxed person and could think clearly and prioritize. His manager also noticed the changes and seemed to appreciate him. His family got time from him and was also able to understand on rare occasions when Ajay did not meet their expectations. Ajay slowly started feeling in control of his life and experienced a joy that eluded him for a long time with a few small changes in the way he approached things at work and at home.

Maximise Your Potential With Life Coaching

The story of Ajay is far too common in our world today. With more pressure to perform at work and family expectations, many get into this situation and feel helpless over a period of time. Research shows that “An increasing number of people are using life coaches to identify what they want personally or professionally and to get support in achieving a life they really want and love. Just like professional athletes have coaches throughout their careers, many people are realizing the benefit of having a coach to reach their greatest potential. Life coaching mirrors principles in athletic coaching such as “performing at our best, setting and reaching goals, being a team player, visioning, challenging beliefs that limit performance, coping with pressure and stress, and maintaining focus” (Rogers, 2004, p. 16). Most people desire to make the most of their lives personally and professionally. However, turning this desire into reality can be an uphill task. If you wish to invest in your life, give yourself some time to explore, be open to possibilities, set yourself small achievable goals and set boundaries for various aspects of life – life coaching will be invaluable.

People are effective when they are in a conducive environment. In a relaxed environment people contribute well, communicate effectively, feel appreciated, use their skills and abilities efficiently and feel they are in control of things in a positive way. Such a state is not only beneficial to the individual but also to the immediate environment, at both work and at home. Even when we think we have no choice left, in reality we do have choices. We only need a safe space to explore possible options and alternatives. A life coach can journey with you to become more effective, productive and creative in every area of your life.

Life coaching is a tool for self-development. You are allowed to work within your own value system and hence will be committed and motivated to bring about changes. Life coaching also draws you out of your comfort zone to reach your true potential.

Experience the power of life coaching today.

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