Are you going through a career transition?

Anand was joining a new organization. This transition brought forth a few challenges for him which were overwhelming. The following are steps Anand had to take in his new role:

  • Understand the scope of his responsibilities and identify if there were any knowledge and skills gaps that he needs to acquire to enable him to contribute effectively.
  • Set goals which would give him direction towards his deliverables.
  • Build rapport with his supervisor and adjust to his management style.
  • Align with the culture of the organization and become in-sync with how things are done.
  • Network with co-workers to get the necessary support as a team member.
  • Manage the stress of a new environment and the emotional toll of such a transition.

Clearly, Anand had a lot on his plate. Career related transitions such as Anand joining a new organization can come in many shapes – being passed over for a promotion, significant failures at work, losing faith in the system, being part of a re-organization, losing a job, being in between jobs and wanting to move to a new job, moving to a leadership role etc.

Anand wished he had a neutral person outside of his family and friends who could help him think and make decisions. Additionally, this person would help create goals and provide a safe place for Anand to seek affirmation of his thoughts and plans of handling the situation. In short, somebody who could help him manage this transition effectively and successfully. Anand found his answer in the form of a life coach who supported him navigate through the transition positively.

Career transitions may also bring about an emotional upheaval filled with feelings of insecurity, frustration, and confusion. This is why journeying with a life coach through your transition is critical for your well-being. A life coach will help you remain focused and accountable towards your desired outcomes. Life coaches at TalkItOver encourage people to welcome transitions, handle the situation positively, and accept the difficult challenges that may arise during transitions.

Talk to a life coach to help you:

  • Acknowledge what’s happened and find a suitable way to deal with it
  • Discuss obstacles and hindrances in your transitional experience
  • Set goals and create a road map for your success

Talk It Over

About Usha Acharya

Usha brings 20 years of experience in Human Relations Management across a gamut of industries. Her last assignment was in the capacity of Associate Director – HR for an MNC at Bangalore. She has undergone intensive workshops such as Management by Human Values at IIM – Kolkata, Developing HR Competencies (TMTC), Basic Lab in Human Processes Training (ISABS) and Driving HR Success by SHRM. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Honours) from Kolkata University and has completed her Executive General Management Programme from IIM Bangalore. She is Certified in Capsim Business Simulation, Thomas Profiling, Lay Counselling (Manford & Dr. Bart Begalka - Trinity Western University, Canada) and Coaching (ICF). She is a believer in working with inner strength and potential in individuals and enjoys helping people move ahead with a positive attitude in their personal and professional life. She Coaches individuals in the areas of career transition, personal effectiveness, goal setting and work life balance. Additionally, she also is an Assessor for Assessment and Development Centres. She is a member of Member of Society for Human Resource Management Global Forum, USA and International Coach Federation. She enjoys Photography, Travel, Music, Reading, Gardening.