Work-life balance

This is an engaging program on personal power designed for managers to improve their quality of life and performance at work. It teaches participants how to become aware of self defeating beliefs, thereby empowering them to take more control of their lives. Participants also learn strategies to cope with the demands of work and home more effectively with the reduction of stress and burn out.

Individuals who balance their work and life effectively tend to be more productive and satisfied at work. In addition to better personal relationships, reduced stress, improved health and quality of life, they also tend to stick with their employers for many more years.

This training is tailored to the needs of participants and the situations they find particularly challenging.

Teaching methodologies include self-assessments, case studies, videos, and role-playing, and there will be immediate opportunities to apply the strategies learned.


In this program, participants will:

  • Discover the challenges of managing multiple tasks and relationships in all areas of life
  • Uncover and replace limiting beliefs
  • Learn the essentials of work life balance
    • What does work life balance mean and what it doesn’t mean
    • Internal processes that make it difficult for them to effectively balance both – and give themselves beliefs that empower them to accept responsibility for their own work and life results
  • Become aware of their own unique work and life situations
    • Identifying key activities at home and work
    • Recognizing behaviour habits that sabotage balance
  • Learn powerful strategies to meet demands of work and home without unnecessary stress
    • Communicating assertively at work & home without feeling guilty
    • Managing time effectively with the use of time management tools
    • Delegating respectfully and with ease
    • Defining, organizing and planning various roles and responsibilities
    • Negotiating with family members and colleagues when needed

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