The Inner Journey – Exploring core beliefs of a Leader

A Leader’s inner world of beliefs about self, others and work plays a powerful role in influencing their own behaviour and that of their teams in the external environment.

Experiencing freedom from self-limiting beliefs allows leaders to feel good about themselves, enjoy their work and achieve their fullest potential. Leaders can begin to see their role differently and experience an improved quality of life.

The Inner Journey is a powerful program for Leaders, based on the work of Albert Ellis, Dr Beck and Dr Burns, in the Cognitive Behavioural field. The program is based on the premise that core beliefs influence behaviours. By changing self-defeating beliefs to self-enhancing ones, leaders experience enhanced personal and professional effectiveness.

This approach will aid leaders to boost resiliency, build critical thinking resources and maintain a realistic and positive perspective.

Program objectives

At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Discover the influence of thoughts on our lives
  • Learn about the empowering Cognitive Behavioural Model to understand the thoughts, feelings, behaviours linkage
  • Become aware of commonly held self-defeating beliefs based on Beck’s framework
  • Practice disputing techniques in specific work situations and replace self defeating beliefs with self enhancing beliefs
  • Overcome the anxiety of perfectionism by re-examining self worth
  • Overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • Overcome procrastination by discovering the real blocks and get more things done through the TIC – TOC technique of Cognitive Behaviour Theory
  • Overcome vulnerability to criticism and remain open to learning by practicing the ‘Self Esteem Response’ to criticism
  • Affirming positive beliefs about self in their leadership roles


This program is based on Cognitive Behavioural Psychology which helps people identify their distressing thoughts and to evaluate how realistic and helpful these thoughts are. Then they learn to change their thinking to more self-enhancing beliefs, which makes them feel better and increases their effectiveness.

The Cognitive Behavioural Approach is one of the most widely researched and recommended models. It is through the process of identifying and re-evaluating self-defeating thinking that an individual is persuaded to engage in more effective ways of thinking and behaving.

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