Managing anger – Theatre based program

We all experience anger. In psychology, anger is seen as a virtue. Anger as an emotion is healthy however the expression of anger can be either healthy or unhealthy. Often anger is a primal emotion, safeguarding us from much more painful emotions such as hurt, fear, rejection or even shame. Understanding our anger can deepen our awareness of the real reason behind our anger.

This program will help participants identify triggers for their anger and learn powerful skills in expressing their anger in positive ways. This will lead to better physical and mental health, better conflict management abilities, deeper relationships and a greater sense of well-being.

Objectives of this program

  • Understand that anger is healthy and functional when used appropriately
  • Differentiate anger from expressions of anger
  • Identify and understand sources / roots of anger
  • Discern between primary emotions of anger from secondary emotions of hurt, fear or shame
  • Discover how your body reacts when angry
  • Practice using body language to communicate anger in positive ways
  • Express feelings assertively
  • Use anger as a guide to the inner world of feelings and deal with them functionally and effectively

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