Support group for parents

The reality of parenting today: There are several changes happening on individual and societal levels as a result of which parents are at times struggling to cope with their own needs and the needs of their children. The family structure is becoming more fluid and more egalitarian, and thus quite different from the environment most of our generation has grown up in. Maintaining healthy contact with other adults and children is a struggle both parents and children of today experience. At times, parents are not aware of how their actions are creating issues within the family; at other times, they are aware but lack the know-how to change the way they act.

This group is aimed at providing non-threatening, non-judgemental support as well as practical go-to methods and tools to help parents negotiate these areas. In the group, parents will be encouraged to learn from each other as well as to apply creatively the modules of discipline skills that we coach them with. They will find a space to share concerns and find support and validation for their struggles.

Group size: 10-12 members
Frequency of the meeting: Once a month
Number of sessions: 12 approx.


Gayatri Swaminathan is a clinical psychologist with TalkItOver. She has an M. Phil in clinical psychology from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi in 2008. She has worked in the capacity of a psychotherapist, child psychologist, trauma counsellor, a qualitative research executive and a lecturer over the past six years 8 years. She also conducts psychological assessments for parents and children, apart from delivering group sessions and workshops for adults and children in the areas of parenting and well-being.

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