Parenting skills

Parenting is a joy, yet it can also be a challenging responsibility for many of us. Being responsible for bringing a child into the world and raising him/her right is something many of us might feel unprepared for. We worry about so many things which may go wrong and we want to understand ‘how to parent’ and raise our child in the best possible way. This program is designed to meet such needs and equip parents with skills, tools and tips from qualified psychologists that will help them not just cope with problem behaviour, but also build their child’s self esteem, will and autonomy.

Learning objectives

By attending this program, parents will learn to:

  • Discover your parenting style using the Parenting Styles inventory
  • Handle problem behaviours by understanding the anatomy of a discipline encounter and practice the 5 discipline skills:
    • Assertiveness: Saying no and being heard
    • Choices: Building self-esteem and willpower in your children
    • Encouragement: Creating encouraging environments
    • Positive Intent: Turning resistance into co-operation
    • Empathy: Handling the fussing and the fits
  • Manage sibling rivalry by teaching your children how to resolve their own conflicts
  • Understand the different emotional and social stages that children go through

Intended audience

Employees who are parents with children aged between 2 to 12 years

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