International Women’s Day

This is a customised session based on the unique needs of your organisation. Often, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to create awareness and thought on issues that concern women in the workplace. If you have an event planned, and would like to have a session part of the event facilitated by a psychologist and/or an expert on diversity & inclusion, consider the following options. These include both large group formats and small group formats:

  • Town Hall session for 50 to 500 participants (1.5 hours)
  • Interactive panel discussion for 30 to 300 participants (2 hours)
  • Games on diversity, maximum of 300 participants (2 hours)
  • Workshop for a small group, max 25 participants (half day or full day)

Some topics to choose from (and not restricted to):

  • Diversity beyond gender
  • The business case for diversity
  • Men are from earth and Women are from earth – breaking gender stereotypes
  • Dealing with our own voices about being a woman and a man
  • Balancing our lives – which role is most important? 
  • Indian Women’s unique contributions to the world
  • Personal power – creating confidence and purpose while being woman
  • Safety for women – how to protect ourselves 

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