Basic skills in counselling for managers

In the workplace, managers journey with team members, often unknowingly, and make a difference in their lives. Managers will hear many story lines – for example, procrastination and the inability to take action, confusion of career choices, fear of trying a new role, inability to say no, tales of personal problems, marital & family conflicts and most important, narratives of strength and courage. Giving lengthy advice or taking disciplinary action may not solve the problem.

This program is designed to equip managers with the basic skills in counselling. These skills will help them initiate powerful counselling conversations with team members resulting in deeper awareness, more useful ways of thinking, new behavioural actions and increased productivity.

Learning objectives

By attending this program, participants will learn to:

  • Discover counselling as a facilitative and non-directive process
  • Initiate career conversations with team members using career counselling skills
  • Leverage personal strengths and expertise to create & maintain a managerial relationship
  • Handle employee performance and developmental issues using basic skills of counselling from Ivey’s micro-skills counselling approach:
    • Active listening and reflective responses
    • Developing empathy
    • Questioning, probing and challenging
    • Deciding on goals for behaviour change
    • Recognizing when professional help is needed

Duration: 2 days

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