Counselling skills program for HR and L&D professionals

In the workplace, leaders journey with team members, often unknowingly, and make a difference in their lives. Leaders will hear many story lines – for example, procrastination and the inability to take action, confusion of career choices, fear of trying a new role, inability to say no, tales of personal problems, marital & family conflicts and most important, narratives of strength and courage. Giving lengthy advice or taking disciplinary action may not solve the problem.

This program is designed to equip leaders, HR and L&D professionals or anyone aspiring to be a counsellor with the basic and advanced skills in counselling. These skills will help them initiate powerful counselling conversations with team members resulting in deeper awareness, more useful ways of thinking, new behavioural actions and increased productivity.

Details of the program

  • 8 days of in-person training (One day a week for 8 weeks)
  • Total of 64 hours of training (20 hours for practice sessions)
  • Certification by TalkItOver Counselling Services, a premier counselling organisation in India
  • Limited number of participants (maximum. of 15)
  • Experiential and skills based learning based on Ivey’s Microskills approach
  • Practice sessions with supervision & feedback for every participant
  • Excellent reading material from Ivey & Ivey, Richard Nelson-Jones and Carl Rogers for theoretical depth and working knowledge of counselling theories

By completing this program, you will

  • Discover counselling as a facilitative process
  • Differentiate between lay counselling and professional counselling
  • Leverage personal strengths and expertise while helping people
  • Practice Ivey’s micro-skills counselling framework through the following competencies:
    • Active listening and reflective responses
    • Developing empathy
    • Questioning, probing and challenging
    • Making transitions and summarizing
    • Discerning when to confront and how to use the Confrontation Impact Scale
    • Deciding on goals for behaviour change
    • Influencing using skills of interpretation, feedback, self-disclosure and logical consequences
    • Recognizing when professional help is needed


Monisha Srichand (M.Sc Counselling Psychology) is the Co-founder and Director of TalkItOver Counselling Services, having served as HR Manager before pursuing the counselling profession. She has an M. Sc in Counselling Psychology, with a specialisation in Marital & Family therapy. She was awarded the university gold medal for outstanding performance in academic excellence in Counselling Psychology (Montfort College, MLCU), and outstanding management student at Mount Carmel College. Over the last 4 years, she has trained over 1000 participants in counselling skills in both corporate and community set ups, including organisations like NHRD. Monisha has also worked as a leadership development facilitator and executive coach with Navgati, a leading training organiation, where she has trained & coached over 4000 organisation leaders in Fortune 500 companies on people management, leadership development and emotional intelligence.

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