I know what it is to smile again and feel happy again

“After suffering in pain alone for six months I decided to take counselling, when I had reached the state where I wanted to give up on life. I had my doubts this would work or even help me. Gayatri Swaminathan was my best friend over the next few months. I could just tell her anything about how I felt. She helped me answer questions that were buried deep inside. She helped me realize what I wanted in life.

I was a victim of emotional abuse and manipulation by my partner for 2.5 years. It took me time to deal with it and accept it. Gayatri helped me learn to love myself and accept the past and move ahead. It’s been 5 months since I have stopped going for counselling and right now I feel like a new person with more clarity in life. Time really heals everything. I know what it is to smile again and what it feels like to be happy again.

Thank you TalkItOver!

– Anonymous