I got back my lost confidence

Multiple traumatic experiences had pushed me into a cocoon, or shell and I did not feel my usual, cheerful and confident self. My husband was very supportive of me during my crisis, but he felt just a casual
consolation from him was inadequate for me at that point as I was simply not myself. We decided to take help from TalkitOver and first met Monisha about 6 months back. The fact that she listened to me and empathised with me, like not even a friend would have, was something that told me, I would see better days soon. She suggested I go for a clinical analysis, mentioning that all that I had experienced was “trauma”. That is actually when I realized the severity of my receding self confidence.

I then met Gayatri for my clinical tests. Both of them being around my age, made it much easier for them to understand me and for me to confide in them. From then on I had my counselling sessions with Gayatri . She understood me perfectly in just one or two sessions, more than my parents probably understand me. She knew I would introspect into things a lot myself, but all I needed was a pointer to the right direction. This she did brilliantly with the exercises, and the thought provoking ideas she guided me with. In less than six months, I can confidently say that I have got back almost all of my lost confidence. I feel lot more comfortable talking to people, accepting things as they are and communicate better. I know I will be back as a happy individual that I was, following all the guidelines and pointers I got from my counselling sessions.

And I also know, anytime I feel low (as a normal individual would) I can always TalkItOver!

– Anonymous