I found the real problem behind my mood swings, poor appetite and lack of sleep

My concept and understanding of counselling took a U turn when I experienced myself as a client. It was a concept in my mind where I believed that counselling is giving advice and suggestions to the present on-going problems. But it turned out to be the opposite. As a client I found the process quite useful in knowing myself through the unfolding of past memories and experiences. Moreover, a problem was not to be looked at from just one aspect but from multiple dimensions. At the end of the counselling sessions, I found that it had helped and relieved me from being heavily burdened and I felt that a burden had lifted of me. I feel that I do not have a problem when I encounter a problem literally but later through counselling I have found out that being depressed, angry, having mood swings, poor appetite, sudden lack of interest, sleep were all a package of problem in the unconscious which we cannot define at the conscious level. Thus as a client I have understood myself better as well as learnt to identify problems arising from my unconscious mind.