I felt heard, understood and validated by my counsellor

Counselling is a safe place to open up and talk about the things that I wanted to address. Sometimes, this kind of freedom and a chance to be validated may not exist even among friends as so often people jump into giving advice and focus on fixing problems. In the process, we may not feel heard or understood. It may not be any good to tell a person to “get over it” or “move on” because a person can just end up feeling that no one understands her and that person may not be able to move on until s/he is heard. Moreover, the confidentiality clause protects the person, thus enabling them to open up and helping them to deal with issues that need to be dealt with. Counselling was a good experience for me as I felt heard, understood and validated. I felt that I could face the world again and that I too am apt to offer something good to the world. It helped me process through a lot of negative aspects in my life, things that needed reworking and establishing those things concretely that had worked in the past. It helped me make my own choices, find my own resources and enabled me to come up with my solutions or alternatives to help myself. It was a place where I found unconditional acceptance and support to grow and develop myself into a person of worth, dignity and self- confidence.

Riya Mary Jacob