Sexual Harassment Committee

As per the VISHAKA Judgement of the Supreme Court in 1997, it is mandatory for all government and private sector organisations, hospitals universities, as well as the unorganised sector to institute specific conduct rules and preventive measures to eliminate sexual harassment at the workplace. As per the law, there must be a third party organisation/person in the anti-sexual harassment committee in the workplace.

TalkItOver is glad to be the third party organisation in the committee and be part of all investigations and provide consulting on best practices at a policy level and training level to arrest sexual harassment.

Our consultation would include the following services:

  • Drafting of policy on sexual harassment at workplace
  • Participation in all monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly internal complaints committee meetings
  • Sharing of best industry practices in the prevention of sexual harassment
  • Participation in sexual harassment complaints investigation and provision of investigation and summary reports from the third party perspective
  • Creation and delivery of customised awareness training sessions to the management, internal complaints committee and employees, on a need basis

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