Relaxation Rhyme

This furiously fast paced life we all are living today
leaves us with no time to look n stare or hear n say
everyone’s busy acquiring wealth, material, recognition.
Needs keep increasing, so fulfilling becomes the mission.

Our selfish fast paced life sometimes needs to slow down
That is when there will be more to smile about less to frown
Stop worrying, chill, smile, sing, laugh, dance, jump, and joke
relax for some time and don’t be anxious you won’t go broke

Try getting up late on a weekday just once, like really late
If you are a very early riser then try getting by like by eight
Please don’t think about work or what is to be made for lunch
Think lazy, forget about breakfast have a nice yummy Brunch

Watch a favourite movie of yours; catch up with a long lost friend
Listen to some good music or read something like this day has no end
Do what you love to do, dressing up, dancing, cooking, reading, eating
pampering yourself but please for god sake do not think about anything
that includes work, studies, projects, promotion, money..Blah and the lot.
You need to completely rejuvenate, later there are battles to be fought

Have an afternoon siesta or just spend time with your loved ones at home
Talking about the old days, watching old photos or just go out and roam
Go for a nice long evening walk with a loved one or for a long bike or car ride
Have an ice cream or your favourite junk food anything from the street side.

Evening try taking out time to pray or just spend some time in silence alone
This will help “declutter” everything and sort out stuff that is anxiety prone
Make your favourite food for dinner or just simply order an easy take away
Enjoy with your family, have a warm glass of milk before you finally end the day

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About Anna Paul

Anna Paul is a student of Industrial Psychology, pursuing an MSc at Sampurna Montfort College. She has completed her BA in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature from Mount Carmel College , Bangalore. Writing is her passion and she enjoys poetry, travelling, reading, baking, music, dancing and spending time with her loved ones.