Writing company policy on preventing sexual harassment

Having a policy on sexual harassment shows your organisation’s commitment to your workers, your customers, clients and service users as well. Authoring a clear, strong, succinct, yet legally binding anti-sexual harassment policy is reflective of your organisation’s commitment to creating a healthy work environment. It is important to frame such a policy that impacts at all stages of the employment relationship: recruitment, terms and conditions of work, training, promotion.

Our team will draft the anti-sexual harassment policy for your organisation with the following features:

  • The policy will reflect the ethos, culture and vision of your organisation
  • The policy will be aligned to your global policies on promoting inclusive growth, respect, equality and dignity
  • The policy can be tailored to reflect your own workplace, organisational structure and industry
  • The policy will be based on the relevant legal mandates of the law
  • The policy will be drafted alongside multiple consultations with you to ensure alignment to company vision, global policy and compliance to local law
    • TalkItOver looks at this important activity with a strong professional acumen, delving into the larger nuance of what the company gains from such an endeavour. At the crux of the subject lies the goal and mission that as an employer you have a duty to provide a safe and discrimination free work environment.

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