One year package

Are you looking for help in setting up the Internal Complaints committee in your organisation, have a sexual harassment policy written for you and conduct training programs to sensitize your employees? If you haven’t started with any of these activities to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace, consider signing up for the One Year Package of services that TalkItOver offers in this area.

The one year package includes the following services:

  • Formation of the Internal Complaints Committee
  • Program for committee members
  • Program for managers
  • Awareness session for employees (1.5 hours for maximum of 60 participants)
    [Note: 2 sessions will be provided in the package]
  • Being the third party organisation in the sexual harassment committee of our organisation
  • Investigation of one entire case (12 hours)
  • Writing company policy on preventing sexual harassment
  • Consultation services (12 hours)

There are several benefits to this package. Apart from it being more cost effective for you, it also gives us an opportunity to partner with your organisation to prevent sexual harassment at all levels, creating a holistic approach of influence from policy writing, consultation, training, being the external member in the committee and implementing solutions to create a safe & respectful workplace.

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