Investigation of cases

On receiving a sexual harassment complaint, the chairperson of the committee appoints an investigation team of two panellists of different genders. The external member who is part of the ICC will be part of the panel.

TalkItOver can help you by offering the services of a consultant, who would be an external member in the committee to be part of the entire investigation process by the following activities:

  • Interviewing the complainant
  • Interviewing the respondent or alleged harasser
  • Interviewing key witnesses
  • Scrutinizing all relevant information
  • Dealing with a malicious or frivolous complaint
  • Notifying the findings to the complainant and respondent
  • Making recommendation to the chairperson on disciplinary action
  • Communicating the action taken based on the complaint

The other aspects that the investigation will lead to are:

  • Facilitating Mediation – informal and formal processes
  • Appointing panelist for mediation

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