Formation of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

As per the law, it is mandatory for every workplace to have an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) that would a critical role in prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace. The ICC has a responsibility to establish an effective internal complaints procedure, where:

  • Assurance that no victimisation will result from making a complaint
  • Procedure is well documented, available and in accessible formats;
  • Members who manage complaints are well trained
  • Assistance is provided in the form of language interpreters as needed for parties to a complaint
  • Ensuring the process is confidential, independent and based on principles of natural justice
  • Ensuring the process has clear timelines
  • All conflicts of interest are managed appropriately

Our team will provide consultation services to help you form the ICC in your organisation. We will also provide the ‘Beginners Kit for Committee members’ to each committee member. We will establish and clarify the roles and functions of each member. Formation of the ICC will constitute the following:

  • Presiding Officer – senior most woman employee in the work place
  • Not less than two members from amongst employees preferably committed to the cause of women or who have had experience in social work or have legal knowledge
  • One member from amongst NGOs or associations committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues relating to Sexual Harassment
  • Atleast one half of the total members so nominated shall be women

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