Being the third party organisation in the ICC

The act makes it mandatory that the ICC must have an external person from a third party organisation that is committed to the cause of women or a person familiar with the issues related to sexual harassment. Being an external member is a place of responsibility that requires commitment, knowledge of the Sexual Harassment Act and the legal procedures and sensitivity to gender issues.

It is of utmost importance that the outside member is an integral part of the quorum. The quorum will be incomplete without the presence of such member. One outside member is the minimum requirement.

If you choose to empanel with TalkItOver as the third party organisation in your committee, our consultant will offer guidance and to the organisation and the ICC on the following:

  • Setting up procedures and protocols for proceedings
  • Guiding the ICC on the quorum for meetings, documentation and reporting, and accessibility and storage of documents, keeping in mind need for confidentiality
  • Drafting robust policies
  • Guidance on the functioning of the ICC
  • An impartial, fair and just voice when hearing a case of harassment
  • One who is a catalyst, exploring, examining and empowering the members, organisation and the employees in understand their role in the organisation, risk minimisation
  • Providing an empathetic understanding to the vulnerable
  • Providing feedback, relevant information on every step of the complaints life cycle
  • Recommending best practices for the organisation, the management on training needs to the multi-hierarchical structure in the organisation

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